Membership Information

Membership and Affiliation in the Jung Mu Hapkido Group and the World Jung Mu Hapkido Association® is open to Schools and Instructors providing instruction of Authentic Hapkido as passed down from Hapkido Founder, Grandmaster Choi Yong-Sul and his original students, who have contributed to it’s development.

Jung Moo HAPKIDO Group is a non-political organization that provides Curriculum support, Instruction material and supplies, Certifications and Guidance to all Group Dojang and their Hapkidoin worldwide, regardless of other affiliation.

Dojang Requirements;

  1. Dojang must have direct, verifiable linage to Choi Yong-Sul.
  2. Dojang must be an established Hapkido school, that provides Authentic Hapkido training as its primary program. A school that teaches other Martial Arts, (Karate, Tae Kwon Do, Etc.) but also has a Hapkido program as a secondary program, does not qualify for membership. Hapkido must be the primary focus of the school.

Please send your letter of membership interest to;